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thank you for this. I live in sort of a mild state of terror and resignation. It seems people with my disorder, Addison's (google JFK) are being passed over in emergency rooms as sort of lost causes. Low on the the battle triage list. I take enough pills to simultaneously keep me alive and kill me.
I have been a contributor to the care and well being of thousands of students in my working years. A writer and dissertation proofreader for many students across the US now.
My future looks bright but brief. If I lose my health care coverage, which looms, I will be lost. I will not seek emergency care nor dental care. I will be triaged out to save insurance business some dough.


Of course they are smart people out there that can figure it out. Unfortunately our uninformed voters have chosen the completely irresponsible Congress, Senate and White House occupant that we now have that have no desire to serve the American public, only themselves. For them IT IS all about politics. Always. Roger, you and I may disagree on most issues, but we do read, discuss and follow what our "leaders" are up to, and it's sickening. Go ask the common man or woman on the street "why did you vote for Barack Obama?". It's either "who?" or "Free Healthcare". How do you vote against Santa Claus? Obamacare is not free healthcare. It was a designed failure in a run up to single payer. I'm OK with that if they were just honest about it and so informed voters could make a choice about it. For as many anecdotes about the upside of Single Payer, I have as many on the downside. True doctor/patient decisions without fear of retribution are required for true health "care". That will not be found without total healthcare re"vision". Totally true that insurance companies are in it for the bucks. Real courageous leadership is required to change that. When was the last time we had that? We may be screwed.

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