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Jim Echternacht

My Idea:

All have illegals have 24 months to sign up - be fingerprinted, photographed, sign up and pay 5 dollars to register. If they can show they are employed, paying tax's and not a drain on the USA - they get in line with the other thousands that are coming here legally. If they do not register with in the allotted time they get deported.

I can't go to mexico without major paperwork.

We have laws on the books - just enforce them.
Or change the law to suit the current flood of people.

With the current state of politics i am not holding my breathe.


Great thoughts, Jim. But here's the problem. Using logic and reason, and forgetting politics. Our public servants do not currently work in the best interests of Americans. Let's start there first and then we can solve a MULTITUDE of problems, including immigration. Unfortunately, our President (sorry Roger) has lost credibility & trust and will have difficulty moving any agenda along....

Roger German

Jim, I like your idea and think it would go a long way to solving the problem...a reasonable time frame to get the word out to people and a minimum fee to begin the process. Nicely thought out...and you have had plenty of experience out there in Cali working with folks that might have had some difficulty in coming up with proper papers.
Curt, as I wrote in the column, we have to start somewhere, and probably not at the top.
Jim's idea seems sound. How do we move it forward? Social media seems to be the way, but I'm woefully short on how that works...any ideas?


45% of Americans polled see Obama as untrustworthy, and dishonest.
and the number is growing by the day.
Every left wing extremist is now in CYA mode jumping away from the elephant in the room to immigration, or a foolhardy deal with Iran. Personal attacks are no issue when Cruz is a target?

We should question Cruz or anyone else we wish, but also to expose the lies of a president that liberal extremists seem to venerate. Obama launched the personal attacks when he lied to us all on TV. He attacks people daily.

Lets allow the facts to fall as they fall, and in the name of verbal exchange not cut off comments as soon as the kitchen gets hot.

We can no longer talk about any issue without talking about his honesty and trustworthiness which presently is factually worse than Nixon's was.

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