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Jim Echternacht

Anger - HHHMMM - where to start -
Angry that - i hired a General Manager in our company and he screwed up 25 yrs of my work.
Angry -that my mom had a stroke this year and passed away unexpectedly.
Angry that o'bama is bush light x 4 with a bigger deficit and no end in sight.
Angry that tax's in Cali are over the top.
Sitting here wondering why they all didn't check in with me before they made their moves ---thus causing me to make my moves in the next few months...
Anger as per Wiki ---Anger is an emotion related to one's psychological interpretation of having been offended, wronged, or denied.
I have been all 3'ed -
San and i are looking for the break store - it should contain some major breaks in 2014 Brother - If any of U happen across a break store my anger could use one.....

Roger German

Jim...love it, the Break Store. Where should we open it...I think we could franchise it and retire!!!

Jim Echternacht

my brother from another mother - we can and we shall.

love u and yours like i do my own,



Was is there so much more anger now? Why have sides of issues become so polarized? Why do many Americans now appear so much more angry, and how do we lead ourselves out of it?

Roger German

...the same to you Jim. You picked me up when I was way, way down, and I have never forgotten that.

Curt, I dunno for sure if there is more anger now, but I do believe it is spread much more quickly via social media and the talking head. Maybe that is the difference. How do we lead our way out of it. The only thing I know is one at a time. You and I differ (as you might have noticed from time to time, as have T and I. But we are friends, good friends, and I think for us, that trumps the politics. And maybe friends could use that connection to reconnect. ?

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