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Jim Echternacht

Great Heart felt writing rogie -
I need to ponder before i reply - Was raised by a man that lived on a farm 20 milews from a town - everyone had a gun - he and his brothers would come to spalding NE and hunt - deer - grouse - pheasants - dove - fished & hunted and trapped - they were the generation of the depression.. it was food for the family.. he taught me to shoot as i have taught my 3 kids to shoot - they enjoy the family time -
The debate goes on ...
Again - great read - heart felt & stuff i didn't know about - thanks keep it up --- and u da man


Great write and reply. The debate rages on. Simply said by me, continue to allow firearms in the hands of law abiding citizens, lock up for a long time those that use firearms illegally and vigorously enforce the laws we have now. Additionally, we must get our mental health issue under control. We've allowed too many of those folks back on the streets without help or assistance. Rock on....

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