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I'm all in on gun rights. And I'm NOT in favor nilly willy crazy gun rights during emergencies. However, in all the research I've done, Florida is found to have almost continuously falling percentage of murder by handguns, dramatically since the 70's. Population has grown from 7m to 19m in 40 years and even the actual number of handgun murders is less than half.

Doesn't appear as though the number of legally held handguns has increased the murder rate at all. Actually the opposite.

I'm not not sure the fears of Conceal Carry by law abiding citizens is founded. Willy Nilly laws, no. And God Bless the NRA for helping to protect our rights.

Roger German

Curt, I appreciate that you're not in favor of nilly willy crazy gun rights during emergencies. That's what I was trying to address in writing about HB209. Reference guns in Florida, especially concealed carry, we'll just have to disagree on that. I get the Palm Beach Post here, a local regional paper. Almost every day someone is shot and killed in our area. Sometimes more than one. Yesterday a guy sitting on a lounge chair at a pool shot and killed someone he thought was threatening him. A while back, a man killed another man in a theater because he was texting. Another man shot 10 9mm rounds into a car with 4 teenagers in it because the music was too loud. He felt threatened. If they hadn't been packing, there might have been a fistfight. Not a murder. We accept murder as a way of solving problems here in the US. I find that disturbing.


Just the facts. Maybe reported more openly now but facts are facts. Handgun murders are down in Florida.


We accept murder? What are we the Taliban now? Murder happens. Murder happens more in Democrat controlled, highly regulated, and restricted gun ban states than in places like Florida. Boiling down all these paragraphs to one sentence is helpful.Handgun murders are down in Florida.

Roger German

Not sure where you're getting your information, but according to aa April 21, 2013 report by the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting:
"Murders by firearms have increased dramatically in the state since 2000, when there were 499 gun murders, according to data from Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Gun murders have since climbed 38 percent — with 691 murders committed with guns in 2011.
Only partial numbers are available for 2012, but from January to June, there were 479 murders in Florida — 358 of them committed with a gun. That’s an 8 percent increase in gun murders compared to the same period in 2011.
The rise in gun homicides in Florida comes at a time when the overall murder rate has declined in Florida, and violent crime has dropped statewide."
So, in one sense, you are right. Violent crime has dropped, slightly. Murder by gun is up. Accordint to a Huffinton Post article reporting on the FCIR report, those numbers don't even include homicides where the shooter claims self-defense. Perhaps you can share where you found statistics to show murder by gun is down in Florida? Rg


SOURCE: Florida Department of Law Enforcement (2013)

1971 = 509
1989 = 700
2012 = 357

1971 = 7m
1989 = 13m
2012 = 19m

1971 = 13.2
1989 = 11.0
2012 = 5.3

1971 = 55%
1989 = 50%
2012 = 35%

I'm not saying any murder by handgun is ok but as a percentage and by the numbers it APPEARS as though there is no increase in murder by HANDGUNS, and actually a decrease. Comparing these numbers to any area with high gun restrictions it appears as though harsh gun controls only make things worse. Restrictive gun laws for law abiding citizens appears to make matters worse. Other stats may be available but overall, restrictive gun controls have never shown to reduce violent crime. Until something dramatic changes, the bad guys will always have their guns.

Roger German

Statistics are funny things, aren't they. From the same Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement, it shows firearm deaths in 2000 at 499, climbing to 825 in 2007, dropping to 669 in 2010, back up to 721 in 2012. I wasn't particularly sorting out handguns in my response, just what the site called murder by firearm. What the legislation does is permit anyone with a gun, any sort of gun, to carry it concealed in an emergency. In the last 10 years, as more Floridians arm themselves, murder by firearm is up in Florida, citing the Dept. of Law Enforcement, and perhaps the same site you were using?http://www.fdle.state.fl.us/Content/getdoc/332e1b3d-2648-4b06-8be5-d322f340c95d/1971_fwd_murder_firearms.aspx

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