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Glad you and Tracy are on the mend. A memorable honeymoon indeed!

Not in your country is right. A few things: Ask any doctor or nurse, God bless them, how much of their day is spent filling out Gubment forms. Ask any hospital administrator, like my sister, how much is spent and how many people it takes to CYA against Gubment regulations. Ask the big bad Pharms how much they spend creating the medicines used in the Bahamas. There are clearly better ways and what did we do? Obamacare. A clear disaster with dramatically rising premiums, doctors and clinics bailing out, millions of Americans lost their "bad" policies and maybe one million previously uninsured are now insured. Huge success. Perfect. You support this Administration, and this is what we got. "not in my own country" is right. Our health system is on the verge of collapse. Maybe just what they wanted all along....


And our Commander in Chief was doing a victory lap yesterday. How about those folks who've lost their insurance because of this new tax law? This law supported only by Democrats is a disaster. The enrollment numbers are bogus. REAL healthcare reform was needed. We got a partisan hack job that has millions facing disaster. Get the government out of healthcare. We all know it's about control. Spare me the details of any successes attributed to this tax law. $268 versus $50k? Stunning, but look at the facts.



You got me going now. I'm furious. Where is your outrage on Obamacare? It's NOT "well, something had to be done". It's an attack on hard working Americans. Where's the outrage? You're a smart, well read guy. How about some honesty here?

Roger German

Honesty is exactly what I'm writing about Curt. The Clintons tried to reform what passes for health care here and got hammered for it. Bush did nothing but cut taxes for the rich where it really mattered, not in income. Obama did what he could in a rampantly partisan climate. You dispense vitriol and wrath on the government and seem to give a pass to those most profiting from health care for hire. It is the profit motivation that has crippled our health care, not the government. It's not government forms that drown hospitals, it's insurance forms from 3,500 different insurance companies who hire really smart lawyers to figure out how not to pay claim, and charge even more for what is done. The only player big enough to step in to protect the rest of us is the government. Business isn't going to police itself there...too much money to be made. When you're sitting on a curb after an accident, dazed and confused, you aren't thinking of what something costs, of much of anything but how you and your wife might be cared for. Our health care system doesn't CARE for anyone. Individual doctors and nurses do, but they aren't in control. The government isn't in control. The insurance companies and hospital predators like Hospital Corporation of America are in charge. As long as there is profit in health care, it isn't health care, for the same reason we don't have for-profit fire departments. But members of congress, bought and paid for by the health care industry aren't much concerned about that. Think about it Curt. You rail against Obamacare, yet you don't have one good idea that might help out those less fortunate than you. Just frothing at Obama, and trembling in fear at the idea that we might actually come up with some way to share the bounty of this country and provide everyone with care when they need it, like most civilized industrialized nations do. And don't tell me we can't afford it. What we can't afford it what we have now. Obamacare at least makes a stab at changing that, despite the acrimonious, disingenuous and constant attacks by those with wads of cash to wage ware against it. People want the change, and Obamacare isn't perhaps the best option, but the industry isn't going to change itself, and it isn't going to change without a fight. If you have a better idea that you can get through this congress, I'd like to hear it. Anything you come up with that disturbs the cash cow in place with be met with howls of resistance and plenty of money to defeat it. Good for the president for trying to make a difference.


Sorry Roger you'll get nowhere fast supporting Obamacare. It's been proven now that Obama lied over and over to get it passed, and yet you give him a pass because he "tried". That is a load of BS. He lied to us. Period. Bush is gone. Clinton is gone. Obama lied, period, because he knew he had to. At least admit to that.

Of course money is the root of this evil. Ask Ben Nelson. He sold out. And how about the built-in bailouts in Obamacare for the insurance companies. You think this is better? It's a bloated takeover doomed to fail AND the insurance companies know it! They helped design it! So why the f%#k did we allow this partisan piece of crap to become law? Because "we had to do something". Wrong. It's worse now. Premiums ARE WAY UP. WAY faster than they were increasing. Millions have LOST insurance! Ask John Austin. People may now DIE becausr they've lost coverage. Obama lied many times to get it passed. "all politicians lie"? I guess that makes it ok. Check out Conservative Nebraska Senate candidate Ben Sasse. He does have a better plan, as did many other Conservatives. A no go because of Harry Reid. I'm Conservative, not Republican. Some Conservatives have better plans. Have to get the Senate back to even have them heard. Will those plans pass the Insurance Cos stink test? Probably not. Then let's vote em all out and start fresh. We do agree that money is the issue. But doesn't that doesn't take the stink off of Obamacare....


I just officially defriended myself from the blog...... Aplogies for scatological language. Peace. Out.

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