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"There is much about the ACA that I don’t agree with, the most egregious part for me that it continues to fund an insurance industry that adds nothing to health care but expense."

Seriously? Funding the Insurance Industry? How about those millions that are now WITHOUT healthcare that they had BEFORE this law? How about those that have had premiums double and triple? Who's watching out for them? Not this President. He's a numberfumbler selling snake oil. The most egregious part for me? The partisanship that will not allow those to honestly admit that this President lied dozens of times, to our face, to get this law passed. Flat out lied because the law is so bad. And now millions are without healthcare, and more to follow. I don't care now if Bush, Clinton, Bush, Nixon or Adams lied to us. Barack Obama is our President today and he's a demonstrated liar. And partisanship will not allow those words to be spoken. THAT'S what prevents folks from coming together for change on this issue. Telling the truth.....


Don't waste your ink there Curt. We got twenty paragraphs on the windbag Cruz, not even one letter on a pathological liar in the Oval Office, not even a whisper.Forget about the lies, all the millions cut off from insurance and doctors, don't you understand this man cares for us, as he leads from behind, plays golf and vacations at our expense


I HOPE for CHANGE.....

Roger German

And not a word about who doubled and tripled the insurance premiums and who canceled policies. The president didn't do that; insurance companies did. And it wasn't because they weren't making money. They just used the ACA to cover a grab for more and more money before we finally wake up a find a way to formulate a single-payer system that works. I don't know that this president lied, just like I don't know that GW Bush lied. It's possible that in trusting subordinates to give them good information, they were misled. It's possible they lied. I don't know that. I do know that what President Obama is trying to do in finding a way to give more people access to health care is heading in a direction I agree with. I do know what President Bush did in leading us into war was heading us in a direction I do not agree with. In either case, if they lied, I find it reprehensible.


If they lied? Wake up man.

Randy, really??? You're quoting a Foxnews poll printed in the free-distribution conservative commentary Examiner owned by conservative oil/media/railroad billionaire Philip Anshcutz...any chance of bias there?

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