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Rog -

Did a job in Santa Anna 2012-13 - came with a very large temp roof -

4x8 - 4x10 - 2x12 - plywood over a very large gapping hole in the commercial building - I cut it apart then craned it to the ground in sections - dismantled it - loaded it on my truck each weekend back to SB - stacked and stored it ---
Now its a car port on Valerio - St.
Final cost of a 26x15 car port - $1200.00 --- Oh and Ian's sweat -

I just remember a grain elevator some where and dragging lumber some where ----

We are 30 days from ----- 1 yr on the road --- if you need help on the remodel --- let me know -- Ian & I will give labor to get you going in the right direction...As long as U are the foreman...

Roger German

Jim...I do remember the grain elevator :) ...if your wheels lead to Florida, I'll probably be working on the house in Gainseville...haven't sold the one in Jupiter yet, so on temporary hold. Other than demo, which Tracy & I are working on. Plan to bump out the small dining area and add a bedroom/bath in back. Codes are as crazy here as Cali I'm afraid, but I'll get it sorted out. Love to have your help, will see how the timing works out.


Roger, I've always said I'd end up in an old folks home with my nail pouch hanging on a walker. That idea could come in handy for you now! Get it with solid tires and a tricycle bell and begin banging away....

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