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Worth. Self worth. What about SELF worth? Teach a man to fish... you know. Your Progressive ideals have severely damaged the self worth and work ethic in this country. Under this Progressive administration what is the increase in food stamps? 40-50%?. Unemployment compensation is now what 2-3 YEARS? Why even try to improve your worth? A recent survey of those on unemployment compensation, about 80% stated they would look harder for work or take a lesser paying job if it were not for UC. History has PROVEN that when UC ends most of those folks find a job. OF COURSE we should assist those in need and Conservatives give to charity by a HUGE margin over Progressives. This is not a political conversation, it's a moral one. Help those in need, assist others to a better way of life and SELF WORTH. Of course those who earn income can spend whatever they earn, it's America. What about the Mercedes salesman? If the rich guy now drives an old Chevy, the salesman lost income! Your thoughts, and those of our President, scare the crap out of me. Income re-distribution. Who's suppose to set the income cap for a CEO? You? Congress? Pelosi? (a multi-millionaire herself). Support a system that promotes self sufficiency and a thriving economy. THAT's how you improve the WORTH of person. Create a company and hire people. Give to them WORTH. Should ANY CEO make $44 million? Probably not. But, man, I'd like to do his remodeling, and so would you....

By the way, have you ever tried to hire one of those "work for food" guys? I stopped behind a truck and the driver offered to hire the guy. He say "no, I just want some money". The driver chased him down the street. Some of those folks need help. Others have become part of our perverted entitlement system.

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