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When I read "signifying nothing" I stopped reading. Very wonderful read up to that point. Yes my friend, ideological loyalist. Blinders. We all have them, but not all of us like the fact. Hope you're all well!

roger german

Twas a quote from Shakespeare's tragedy "Macbeth" as you probably know…thought it appropriate to both the present and possible consequences, which will blow a wind to Clinton and Trump both; we know not ill or good. Sorry you chose to stop reading…perhaps I should have followed up the reference with, "signifying nothing" that could put her in jail. Randy, the Repubs did everything they could to convict her of something, and that was a lot of everything…and they couldn't get the job done. Maybe she's just that good; I don't know. Just possibly she didn't do anything criminal in that case, just possibly…as you wrote, ideological blinders work both ways.
…"Double double toil and trouble"…but for whom? :)


So true. Both ways. You do reveal quite a thorough knowledge of DJT, and less about Hill. Herein lies part of the collective problem. We are ever to fight the bias in us all.

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