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Rog. I think among the most hideous events surrounding the entire moral black-hole, was Fallujah. Post ops were dismal, leaders were fired by Bremmer (under Rummy),
phosphorous bomb munitions were used on 250,000 families commingled by insurgents. In the end, more insurgents were created than were eliminated. To me, chief culprits include Paul Bremmer, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and the boss man W. Major strategy disaster going in by Bush, and an equally disasterous exit strategy by Obama. I hold them all accountable, and I would hope we could agree on that. O's droning policy has wiped out hundreds of families. Perhaps the entire political club is corrupt, we've all drank some koolaid. The Iraq war opened up the biggest money making store on earth, war inc. The problem is, the store is still open for business. Great read


Btw- HRC would sanctify and solidify the union as much, perhaps more than DJT. IMO

roger german

…"more insurgents were created than eliminated.." , exactly right. Which brought us to where we are today. I've written about it before, but I do think with the proper leadership and response, 9/11 could have been a pivotal moment in world history in drawing good out of evil. Instead, we fed war and war is never sated.
I find the drone policies reprehensible. And War, Inc. is big business indeed. As Lord Acton said in 1887 "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." When we weave together power and money we recreate the monarchies of old, where absolute power was possible.
….rats! I thought I was finished with this line of thinking for a while, but I feel another blog coming on...


Yep. These conditions you describe existed long long before Iraq, and tho possibly a non intentional mistake to go in, Tommy Franks in his book demonstrates there were WMDs his team found in trace amounts in abandoned bunkers. The scourge has an historical account as to the perpetual fissure that exists between the sons of Issac, and Ishmael. But this business of the almighty dollar being so welded to any new war machine effort, where war is sought of craven lust for profit , was enlarged all to hell by Fallujah. I think Fallujah gave birth to a multi-tiered Jihadist explosion that is still mushrooming. Why do they hate us?? FALLUJAH! The guys that pushed Fallujah thru with no game plan, no exit strategy, resulted in the slow deaths of thousands of Fallujah citizens. Using phosphorous bombs that seem to never stop burning couldn't get much more barbaric. Rummy, Cheney, whoever fed the info to Bush, if they knew it was bad intel, should be up before a firing squad. But then too, all of this bloodshed pales by comparison to Hiroshima/Nagasaki. We live as the prophets said in a horribly sinful state of affairs, itself borne upon the wings of mans immeasurable anarchy and war footing with God himself. But for now all we can do is try, try and try some more to find the brakes. They may not be there. R

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