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The political massacre was displayed in full resolution in rural towns all across America from common blue collar workers who felt deeply ignored and forgotten by this administration. These citizens felt that the current POTUS was not working for them, not listening to them, even mocking them by suggesting their party rigged elections in 2008. So these voters changed the game, perhaps for good. This post contains national sentiments many say should have been posed long ago to Mr Obama also. They were not, and never were intended to be written with him in view, and this election is the result of such a national partisan oversight. I also dont recall a time when conservatives rioted in the streets destroying public property, so we re not seeing peaceful dissent here, and we all need to be clear on the ugliness displayed before our eyes, far worse than anything President elect Trump has ever said or done . President Obama also has been quite hypocritical, petulant, and repeatedly deceptive to us all, yet no chastisement came for him. Also, why no calls to stop setting things on fire from President Obama, or Hillary? The further this kind of 'let it happen' detachment goes, the more kerosine directly falls on this self ignited democrat conflagration. Every President should work for us, millions didnt think President Obama did, but we got him, and I dont know if he ever got used that idea, but now the shoe 👠 is on the other foot. We move forward


What we can all Agree on, I think, is that this system is flawed. We must unite for change. Change the caucus system. 100% of the voters can agree on this question, These two nominees were the best in our nation? On both sides, voters felt certain that a criminal had been nominated to the presidency. How is a vote between either of these two a choice?
Change the campaign system. No campaign contributions.
Let this $ 3 BILLION be spent on a project headed by possible future leader.
End the two party system. It is vile and divisive
End the electoral college. It's ridiculous in this era.
Let the people vote for a selection of candidates.

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