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Well said. Love you.


Well stated, so what happened last night? Last night was a national repudiation of big government, a repudiation Obama care, a repudiation of open border policies, of big spending policies, a repudiation of globalism, a repudiation of Abortion, of Obama, of Clintons corruption and of the Democrat Party, and it was a huge endorsment of American exceptionalism, and It was accomplished for the most part by a single individual, controversial, unsupported by large numbers of the Republican elite, opposed by the media and every other known entity, and standing alone DJT demolished every single one And he was the last man standing. Greetings Mr. President.
Thats what happened last night


From the very beginning to the end, we are forced into two divisions. Pushed into near civil war. From caucas to electoral, we are herded into two narrow and widely separate ideals. No gray. That's ridiculous. It's all gotta change.
Our voting system, made for a quill and ink soiciety, needs a technical update.
Let's skip all the middle MEN (bias shows here) and have a gigantic primary and then, secondary election. No delegates. No electoral college (which by the way, never meets). No parties. Just us. The regular people.
Let's all meet back here in a year. Then we can post our regrets. And our demands for a new voting system

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