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I lived in Gainesville for six years and know it very well. A great place indeed. But it is a dangerous place. I had a 6 year stint as a garbage man and I know all the neighborhood of Gainesville very well. My first year I was a campus mailman and I met Charlie Pell, he himself urged me to stay safe.
It wasn’t safe during my 6 years there and isn’t now.
So it’s a blessing to feel the safety others may not. As for the stability of civil services,
as long as our current electrical grid functions, though as shabby as it is, and vulnerable to an emp attack, citizens can rely on this illusory sense of security. Cut off the heat, lights, water, and current, and see how neighborly folks remain.
I pray things do stay as they are, relatively safe, but not totally safe. While on every street in Gainesville, I did not feel safe enough not to prepare to protect my wife, or kids from a murderous attacker who in fact walked the Gainesville streets while I was there, and murdered a UF professor as well. I’m not that presumptuous to think I deserve such a safe haven. Such places are occupied by ostriches.

And finally, it seems the personal animus towards the new President is out of character, wanting to grab him by the throat, calling him names, impugning his character when our own are quite stained, doesn't seem constructive.
I have a cousin In Louisiana with whom DJT actually made personal contact through a financial donation after a personal tragedy, and they earn less than $30,000 per year. I happen to know what he said to these people privately, I have to take issue at characterizations so blatantly incomplete due to my contact with a person who actually spoke to Trump. They encountered the man, and he is none of what you accuse him to be in their minds. You call him a Rube; (Rube-an Idiot, stupid, person who is easily fooled, target of con or scam)

My family in Cheneyville and Bunkie LA, would sure take issue with you on that.
Finally, of all the blogs I respond to, only this one appears to shut off comments after the last word by the blogger.
I believe also that when a blog practices this, it tends to cut down the % of those who wish to comment. Case in point, the last blog where I cite just one such characterization.
“Despite your interpretation of Him as being strong only because He “had a sword nearby"
The one word you arbitrarily added attributing it me was actually yours, and changes the meaning of everything I said. I never said it was because of the defensive sword that He had power, much less “only because.”
This distorted what I said without any opportunity to correct it. Your characterization has me affirming a Christ more like Mohammad, who was a warlord and violent character. So there it is. Happy New Year to all in your fine household.

Roger German

RM...had no idea you lived in Gainesville for a time...school? Perhaps it has changed some since then...it doesn't change the feeling that I have that this is a safe place to live. ANY place can be dangerous if people decide to be dangerous. My home town of Pierce in Nebraska was no exception; that didn't change my feeling of it being a peaceful town. I choose to look at Pierce, Gainesville, even the world as I travel, as filled with people mostly like myself; those who want the best for themselves, their children and others. And I think that is true. And yes there are dangers; I don't pretend their are not, and I take those precautions I can without living in fear. The most dangerous place in America is the highway, where we kill some 33,000 people a year. I don't see anyone backing off of driving because of it. They accept the risk, and move on. Most don't drive an armored car because of it. Guns are dangerous, yet many people own them and carry them, in the mistaken belief that guns will keep them safe.
As for what you wrote, "The Prince of Peace had a sword nearby." There is an implied threat in that phrase, indicating to me that though He was peaceful, He would not hesitate to use the sword if needed. And He never did. I don't know why else you would have begun you reply with that phrase, to counter what I had postulated. That was the meaning I got out of it, and would be happy to hear your explanation of what you meant.
This blog automatically shuts of response after a week; I had to do that, because I didn't early on, and when I went back to see earlier blogs to see if they generated any more responses, I found out that indeed they had. They were filled with links and ads to Viagra, hair loss, sexual devices and the like...ain't the internet groovy. So I found I could simply block replies after a time. As I looked back at the responses I had received, most of the ones germane to the discussion were written within a week, so I selected that option. I don't cut off good discussion with anyone during that open period, unless they detour out of the bounds of decency...
As for my naming the president elect a "rube", the first definition of rube in my dictionary is "country bumpkin" which indicates a person out of touch with what's going on. For me, he fits that to a tee relative to the point I was pursuing; that this country IS great, and it is great because of the people, and nothing he says or does changes that. He tapped into something here, that's for sure, but it wasn't anything that will make this country better than it is. He is certainly not someone I think of when I think of someone I want representing what is good and great about America. He has no concept of truth, as recorded by hundreds of his statements during the election cycle, so he is a liar. That is not calling him names, that is definitional.
As I indicated in an earlier blog, I wrote I was willing to see what he would do, but even before he has taken office he continues to 'tweet' ridiculous prattle, and his selections for cabinet posts appear to be the beginning of an oligarchy. That doesn't sit well with me.
Thanks for writing in, and I posted this last blog on the first, so comments should be open till the 7th...

Roger German

ps RW; Tracy & I live in the northeast neighborhood, according to most demographics in Gainesville, it's not a "nice" neighborhood. I don't know when it was you were here, but it sounds like it was when the campus had a serial killer on the loose...killed five students. Of course any sane person takes precautions at those times, as did my father when Nebraska's serial killer was at large. I don't discount such events, but I consider them aberrations from normal human behavior, not actions around which I care to build my view of life.
If you decide to meander south sometime would be great to tip a glass and play some music...


Thirty four years ago I spent 5 and a half in Gainesville believe it or not investigating a mushrooming cult there known as "the Crossroads Controversy" which was quite a ride. First half a year got a job there as mailman on campus and delivered mail to a Charlie Pell assistant and met the coach one morning who was a great guy, and yes those killers took out prof Appledorf I think and a half dozen more.

I certainty would never dream of standing in judgment of "those precautions" you take, and would not see my place as saying you’ve done too much or not enough, so I grant gun owners of America that same liberty of taking precautions that may differ from yours but that they have thought through and determined to be appropriate prevention s. So no-one should be critical of another view of appropriate precautions. I’m glad you’re prepared in the event the unthinkable happens I would say that firearms are no more dangerous than cars, one could say cars are more dangerous than guns. Its always about the operator. If guns made no one safer, law enforcement should rethink carrying them as it presents a foolish primitive expression of machoism, is a bad example for youth so behold so many guns. Guns do keep people safe when the user is trained, no doubt about it.
Liar Trump? All politicians lie. So sure he has told lies, a lot I’m sure, haven’t we all? Millions and millions of Americans, rightly point out that President Obama is also a liar by definition, and I believe he is, ie, by deceiving Americans eye to eye repeatedly, with such a varnish of love, compassion, and concern, but it’s a croc, perhaps will be a croc for Trump too.

But everything you said about Trump, half of America says about President Obama. Obama is just a more polished,smooth and sophisticated liar than Trump .He won the liar of the decade award for goodness sake. So I and millions of others are glad he's gone while you are probably sad he's gone, but he hurt the country worse than Bush did in the minds of tens of millions.

On the Christ matter, there are distinctions made by Scripture and theologians and Christians that non-Christians and unbelievers do not, indeed cannot make, nor understand.

(1 Cor 2:14 The man without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him, and he cannot understand them, because they are spiritually discerned.)

This might be part of your experience.If one does not embrace Him as Christ, but merely as Jesus of Nazareth, its good historiography, but not good theology. The two distinctions of Christ as portrayed in the Scriptures have to do with the lamb and the lion analogy.

His first advent He came as a lamb to be sacrificed, abused, and subject to the hostilities of men. His second advent He comes back as the lion, or as judge of all men. Yet even with this first ‘lamb’ motif He did show aggression on one occasion when the temple being run by thieves, not good men trying to make commerce for their families He drove out with a whip and the overturned tables in an act of aggression in order to defend the sacredness and holiness of the temple service.
He will return, so it says and in the apocalypse He wages a massive bloody war against evil and sin, and depending on your eschatology this event will be literal or figurative.

My persuasion has always been that the battle is a figurative spiritual battle rather than a literal physical blood battle.

Muhammad was a physical warrior and Christ,a spiritual warrior. Overall He is the prince of peace and peace with God is the ultimate peace He offers to believers rather than a temporal peace on earth between men.(Romans 5:1) He once said "Peace I leave with You, NOT as the world gives, do I give. This peace, is a peace with God. Hostilities between God and man are spiritual, and so is the peace, I would suggest reading the apocalypse to discover the ‘Lion” motive in more detail.

You and I both agree in our desire for there to be temporal peace among men, you've taken precautions which means you've acted out of intelligence and discrimination, but also out of concern(healthy rational fear) like being afraid of fire) for safety and response to potential danger. We actually should be thrilled that people have chosen their own form of precaution by exercising their Second Amendment right rather than engaging in a "evil evil gun" campaign.

I would be curious to learn specifically what exactly your precautions are? More locks? Security cams? Buy a Rott? What might a person do to prepare for an armed intruder intent on murder, robbing, maiming or raping?
Perhaps we could explore that.
Overall I am sure you and Tracy love Gainesville as I do, and in many ways I wish I still lived there. I'll have to catch you up on what I found in the investigation of this large Cult group that dominated the 80s in Florida and throughout the world for that matter. I sure miss our get-together gigs... after a couple margaritas those F sharp minor chords came a lot easier.

So, keep polishing your great skills as your writing is in excellent form and I enjoy every article you write, agree or not. Give your lovely wife our best from Nebraska.

Roger German

Had no idea you did investigative work...it's always a revelation to me to uncover facets unknown to me of another person...one thing I really did like about being a reporter.
As a young rube myself on the streets of NYC I nearly got sucked into the Moonie organization, cult as some said...was lucky I believe to miss out on that one.
Would love to sit down and hear about your experiences here, and of course, pick out a few tunes.
We do agree on the desire for temporal peace but I don't see that happening in my lifetime; there will have to be a seismic shift in men's hearts, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. I think we agree on that too.
But it doesn't prevent me from encouraging all those I can reach to take the less violent option when they can. Perhaps that's the best I can hope for, but at least it's a movement towards something better.
I think guns are a sad reflection of the times and our country. We've chewed that one over many times, but we have more guns than any country on earth and we kill more people with them. I think there's a connection.
As far as President Obama having hurt the country worse than the Bush administration, I would disagree with that on the basis of the invasion of Iraq alone. Most analysts can link most of what's going on in the Mideast to that event. It was a war of aggression based on lies. Like Mr. Obama or hate him, he had a lot of messes to try and clean up, with the economy in the tank. And personally, Tracy & I would not be able to afford her insurance without the Affordable Care Act. So, yes, I think much more of President Obama than President Bush, and the president elect has some very large shoes to fill. But that one will play out as his presidency unfolds...I'm sure we will be discussing that!


Bush pulled the trigger, if by faulty info, hes a fool if by outright lies, a monster. However, Obama cleaned up nothing, and made many things worse. Entire middle east disaster in Iran, Iraq, red lines, another falsehood, a catalog of broken promises, which is what America repudiated in this ekection. The very election of DJT indicates just how deeply America rejected Obama and his policies. But its good hes going. Hopefully the child Trump wont spend two terms blaming his predecessor like the grown up Obama did. What O is doing right now on his way out with Russia and Israel is a disgrace and childish. I hope T does better than this. On the hill, Dems and Repubs, all know how petulant Obama is. Israel knows, Russia knows, half the US knows he is feckless. Bush started all this, on false info or on lies. Obama simply made the whole thing worse with a ridiculous forien policy, and a hubris unmatched by anyone i can recall since Theodore Bilbo.

Roger German

Obama came into office with the nation at war, with the economy in the worst shape since the Great Depression and with the Republicans in Congress pledged to do nothing to help and everything to hinder anything that he tried to do. That was his starting point. Iraq was a quagmire, and as messy as it was, under his watch we wound that down as best we could. We're still in Afghanistan...and still a mess. I don't think you and I can unwind either one of those in these conversations. The economy is in recovery, and the president elect will take all the credit, that's a given, but the Obama administration did the heavy lifting. Osama bin Laden was hunted down on his watch, and despite all the opposition, all the money spent against it, all the rich corporate vested interests aligned against it, the Affordable Care Act was born. No one, no one...NO one has been able to take on the machinations of the health care and insurance industry until President Obama. No one. It ain't pretty. It was ripped apart by the Republicans, even though it was at heart a Republican plan first implemented by Republican Romney in Massachusetts...and it worked and is still working. But because it was proposed by Obama, even Romney did all he could to tear it down. But because of it, Tracy has insurance, and so do millions more.
I would like something better, that makes more sense, like single payer...but that isn't happening anytime soon. It makes too much sense, but it takes too much money from those who already have too much money, which money they use to ensure they will have more.
You'll have to fill me in on what it is that Obama is doing with Russia and Israel that is a disgrace.
And it's interesting you would use the words hubris and petulant with Obama. I think a case could be made for that. But when I look up the definition, the first person that comes to mind for me is the president elect.
Hubris..arrogance, conceit, haughtiness, hauteur, pride, self-importance, egotism, pomposity, superciliousness, superiority; informal big-headedness, cockiness. ANTONYMS humility.
Petulant..peevish, bad-tempered, querulous, pettish, fretful, cross, irritable, sulky, snappish, crotchety, touchy, tetchy, testy, fractious, grumpy, disgruntled, crabby; informal grouchy, cranky.
ANTONYMS good-humored.
Maybe it's just our perspectives, but the public persona of the president elect would justify his picture placed in the dictionary next to both those words.
If you're looking for hubris and petulance, Obama is a piker compared to him.


Wow...sorry if I hit some nerve. While we can agree to disagree Ill opt out of a lengthy reply, and leave it right here where you left it.

Cruise on in Gainsville.



Pray for victims in Miami.


Ft Lauderdale- another nightmare. So so sad

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