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T and Curt must have retired from here hope they come back. But another thing gone mad, and unsustainable which has been a scourge for millions upon millions and must go away.


Roger German

Randy...can't speak to the article. All I can tell you for sure is one person's perspective; the premium for my wife's insurance under Obamacare went down. Not up. Coverage is the same. A large deductible for sure, but that's a given. It still covers 100% after that. And that's really all I care about.
Tracy went in for a checkup on her heart, various reasons, her daughter a nurse practitioner, assurances it would be minimal cost, but better to be sure...so we did. And were billed $15,000. For less than three hours in the hospital. So I was very happy to have whatever it is that Obama Care is, it works for us. I can't speak to it being unsustainable and a scourge for millions. I can say it saved our bacon. That's one story, and I know it's true, because we lived it.


Thats good news for you all for sure, but unfortunately you are in the minority. Countless millions of people have precisely the opposite result that you have and hence the reason for this thing to be buried forever.

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