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When we just hate the football team

Great read from Patriot German!!
Let me skim...
Trump’s Clinton rage? How bout Hillary's rage? Her rage is known to all in the secret service, I'm suspect she wanted to grab his throat and choke him out, she was so mad.

John F. Kelly- states that a border wall alone will not work. Further, Kelly wants the wall built within 2 years,


so far from being opposed in any significant way, he said “It has to be a layered defense, If you build a wall, you would still have to back that wall up with patrolling by human beings, by sensors, by observation devices.” Kelly is opposed to a lone wall approach, as I trust many are. Kelly aligns with the SCP on this matter relating to greater support to law enforcement, something the previous SCP miserably failed at. Kelly has great concern for the influx of opioids from Mexico where 100% of Heroin produced is being brought in across the porous border. He states "Huge Problem, getting worse and profits are unbelievable for the cartels", another argument for a border wall, both killers and drug runners. This will not be mitigated by educate for the criminals. In my opinion, the relative ease with which human smugglers moved tens of thousands of people to our nation’s doorstep also serves as another warning sign: These smuggling routes are a potential vulnerability to our homeland, “said Kelly. Mr. Obama, the previous SCP hotly opposed Kelly on this, desiring open borders all the way it seemed. Ms. Clinton, the extremely reckless candidate with hopes to become the first SCP emailed that she desired totally open borders to everyplace on earth. She lost.
Anthony Scaramucci, basically a non-issue, who was withdrawn from consideration by Trump for ethical issues. So much for draining the first swamp into another. Time will tell, but with only 28 days in, knee jerk arm chair quarterbacking seems disingenuous. So what about the choices of the previous SCP? His choices were worse and more corrupt than anything of recent times.


The previous SCP carried on an incestuous relationship with everyone involved with banks, Wall street, etc... it was a financial bloodbath. Help the middle class? Even he could barely get the words out, as if he needed to convince himself.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lN21heX0u0 )

Hanging with his buds, the previous SCP had hundreds falling from his pockets on the golf course. With Soros billions used for the previous SCP in all his plans for anything. Furthermore, since being rich is evil to liberals, Penny Pritzker, worth 2.5 billion, was Sec of Commerce for the previous SCP. John Kerry, the Sec of State for the previous SCP, worth around $200 million and the billions of dollars from his wife Tereza. Jeh Johnson, Sec of Homeland Security, worth $52 million dollars. Sally Jewell, Sec of the Interior, worth $25 million. I mean, wow, the list goes on and on, but I can’t. Needless to say, there isn’t much being there of being attuned to the plight of the working poor. This blade cuts both ways. As far as the current SCP hoping for a foreclosure opportunity. I also bought a house once under foreclosure. I offered a very low price, and took it for a song. Does that make someone evil? The current SCP has billions and billions of dollars, many on his cabinet are millionaires, and billionaires, just like the previous SCP.
General Mattis differs with DJT, and is still here, not fired, not canned. Do we recall similar events with the previous SCP and Chuck Hagel? When he differed with the then SCP he was promptly shown the door. Hardly admirable conduct from a sitting SCP.
Need more? Look around for info on Chas Freeman, Van Jones, Tom Daschle, Nancy Killerfer, Bill Richardson, Desiree Rogers, Jonathan Cannon, Jide Zeitlin, Erroll Southers, and Gen Robert Harding. All scandals like a necktie around the neck of the previous SCP, and if any president said what the previous one did about America over 8 years, perhaps he really doesn’t think that much of America. As for rewards for lapdogs, well of course the previous SCP was also notoriously generous. Just a few


I think as far as Sessions being different from the current SCP concerning marriage fidelity, I’m not righteous enough or in possession of the kind of track record needed to make marital fidelity a debate point. It also has blades on both sides.

Roger German

Randy, good to hear from you again. I understand your points, but it's all old news my friend. Hard to believe you're even bringing Hillary or Obama up, as they're virtually irrelevant now. The SCP can't hide behind them now; what he says matters. What he does matters. It's not reality TV anymore.
Relative to Sessions, I was just commenting on a person who appears to have lived his life by a different guiding star than the SCP. That's all. As you know, I am in no position to judge, but I can understand differences.
Relative to cabinet incomes, all cabinets have had wealthy people in them. That's just true. This one just happens to be over the top, by several magnitudes. Again, they all might be wonderful people, irrespective of wealth. When I examine the policies they bring to the table, they diverge from mine. Perhaps you are aligned with them; that's your choice. I pointed out several areas where I found those policies admirable...as in Sessions and Mattis on torture, and Kelly's apparent embrace of at least a try at helping Mexico deal with its internal problems, rather than just building the wall. I understand that he will follow the SCP on that, if he wants to keep his job.
But as far as most of those folks understanding the middle class, you and me, they really have no clue. What the SCP said he would bring to the table, other than the idea of eliminating virtually any government oversight on businesses, is entirely absent.
We can rest assured that entitlements to the poor, underprivileged and disenfranchised will be eliminated, eradicated and circumscribed in the most efficient and expeditious manner, as the entitlements to businesses and the wealthy will be enhanced.
The divide between the rich and poor will continue on the trajectory laid down in the late 70s and 80s, and all will be well for the wealthy.
I'm not even attempting cynicism here, or even hyperbole.
Just dispirited by the knowledge that we here in this country could be such a positive influence with the affluence we have and the generous spirit we truly have at heart, and knowing that this administration, by just the attitudes and policies implemented in the first few days, is intent on trading real security and long-term solutions for short term gain and machismo.


Patriot German
Sure thing, however re-reading your comments, you textually brought up Hillary not me, I just responded to what I saw as a rather oblique point to cast aspersions on DT. I was not even referring to Hillary, but rather you're isolating the very negative "rage factor" attaching it to President Trump only. When it comes to rage you could write several blogs on Hillary Clinton's rage alone, that might be an interesting exercise.

President Obama should be irrelevant but stokes a para shadow resistance unlike any other I know of, and politically inserts himself even after leaving office, which is rather unsavory. The leaders of the Democrat party at large do not see him as irrelavant either, and are totally steamed because he turned his back on the entire party and walked away after serving himself. Unprecedented numbers of political offices were lost on the Democrat side thanks to President Obama. President Trump won the election because of Obama's policies and one need only pick up any newspaper to see that President Obama is anything but absent. Talk about machizmo.

And correct you are, we are in no place to judge or really even site differences relative to marital integrity, because it seems to go beyond just honoring a good man who has simply carried out a stellar marriage, while another indirectly intended point could be read as to inform people that Trump could not do so. However, the problem is, neither could you, so in doing so it immediately draws attention to your own history, or me mine. Therefore I vote to save ourselves that embarrassment. I choose not even to get near the subject because of my own track record (3rd marriage) and others would probably advise me as to the wisdom of that posture.

I'm grateful to God Almighty for America where we can differ 100% on positions, and still be patriots, still be friends, but what is ultimately accomplished by the SCP moniker? That Trump is an an imposter, a thief? Okay, but that's not a tremendous mediation or counseling method to calm or help a distraught nation after a bruising election I would argue. Its gasoline on a national bed of hot coals.

I remember how opposed to Obama I was, but I did not call him a so-called president I would not have called Hillary a so-called president. Trump has major flaws, Obama has major flaws, Hillary has, we all have many sins.

I see you as a patriot, and a hell of a fine writer. I view Obama as a patriot even with my policy disagreements with him, but reflecting on your commentaries, I would wonder if you would ever state that Trump is even that? Ill ask T.

So we carry-on President after President, but I wont refer to President Obama in the future as just someone so called, & did so here only to express the disrespect I perceive it shows to 63 million voting Americans, including myself. Lets start to heal.

OK enough said for this one. Both of us on either side of the aisle are still plowing forward hoping to help America. I know that is your sole and soul motive, I join in alongside you to do it. We have different perspectives, but we both have the same goal.

So Patriot German, you have a fantastic weekend. We are just about to grill some steaks I hope the weather is great in Florida , and just wish we had a couple guitars, could get Terry Loos invite Faye, and with a few margaritas, we could sing the clock song...which still lingers in my heart and soul. I still have your rendition of it on my hard drive and listen to it from time to time. And it's the Christmas song I really miss...wish we coukd do it. But till then...respects and love your way buddy, and take good care of yourself and your lovely bride. God bless you both. rm


We are more alike than apart, no matter our viewpoint.


So sorry. I wrote Faye, sometimes speaking from voice to text is a dangerous proposition. Your comment is profoundly true. r

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