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Back to Trump lies. Okay sure he has done all this. You could have written all of these words starting with the ACA and all of the lies Mr. Obama told the entire nation of which now both Democrats and Republicans concede he was a bold face liar. Why didn't you put 5 paragraphs out concerning those lies? If lying is the issue rather than the person who's telling them then everyone should get equal treatment, and this is not been the case with your blog . But then again I enjoy partisanship, I enjoy the contest and it doesn't bother me in the least the person to the left of me is a liberal or that the one to the right of me is a conservative, but anyone who says Obama was not a pathological liar during those months and years at this point is probably locked up in some room. It's not a problem in citing Trump lies, because he has,and probably will in the future, but Obama was simply a smoother liar, far more polished with slight of hand and mis leading the American public I don't recall any word from you on that other than to say you didnt even know if he lied. A great title for a blog would've been "you can keep your plan and you can keep your doctor, PERIOD! Lie of the decade." My position is that all politicians are liars and every president has lied some more than others and if the tally were made specific, I think Obama would rank in the top three. I never did love the Trump candidate, but so far he's done more for America in 50 days than Obama did in two terms Imo.

Roger German

Rm...gald to see you're back in the fray!
If Obama did nothing else other than get the Affordable Care Act passed, he did something exceptional in my book. Not because the AFC was a great, or even good, bill. Because he was the first person to take on the huge, and very profitable health care industry, the insurance industry and their legions of lobbyist, and make a dent. In my opinion, based on the actuarial basis of insurance, universal health care would be the most economical and most humane way to deal with health care in this country. You may disagree with that, I don't know, but it's worth even more of a discussion. The AFC was at least a step in that direction, despite the constant and pervasive lobbying to disassemble it even before it had a chance to breathe. I think if there had been some bipartisan help, it might have even been a good plan. That was not to be. I know you are both a better debater and a much more intelligent person than just passing on far right talking points, so I have a hard time understanding your comment about how much this president has done in 50 days. Here's a couple of links that outline some of the accomplishments of President Obama, if you care at all to look through them.



What the current president has actually accomplished in no way compares to that...and much of it is still tied up in the bureaucracy of Washington.
But back to the point of the blog. And I'd really like you to help me understand what he's trying to accomplish with the juvenile Tweets he seems compelled to shoot out there? And the fact (and I use that word intentionally) the fact that so many of them are demonstrably false. He is president, and he's acting the fool. That demeans the very office he holds, which office I hold in great regard, and in that position, he demeans We, the People. It's not amusing, nor is it charming. You find that acceptable for the President of the United States?


If only O had, had bipartisan support?" You checked the colossal foot drag of support on the left lately? Would be great blog for a contrast. I also know for every "fact checker" web page you find, I can present as many with counter findings, they are everywhere. Tweets? Dont like them. The lies are childish, insensitive and sophmoric, but then Obama once cruelly joked on a comedy show he bowled worse than the Special Olympics kids with disabilities and downs syndrome. Want to choke him too? Its a far better reason than being rough on the tough old Hillary. How cruel, callous, mean spirited to mock special olympics children. You could of done an entire blog on that one vicious line alone, you never did. It alone was far worse than any tweet thus far, So Trump alone is Childish? Thats ocean front property in Utah. Obama was an inexperienced man with power, much more sophisticated than Trump obviously, but with insidious globalist intentions, one of many of his extremely bold and dark lies was his black op of spying on Merkel. You okay with American Presidents spying (lying) on foreign leaders? Im not. You talk of the great office you hold in high regard, why didnt you say anything when O did this dirty deed? Lets slam tweets but ignore spying? You think that means its a slammdunk he would never spy on anyone else even while pretending innocent ignorance? With the winning smile of St Paul, but often the motives of Judas the ACA was rammed thru in the dead of night with not one GOP vote, nuclear option, from a very partisan man and plan, but I'm surprised you bring it up as its becoming irrelevant having been a massive " Solyndra" like joke on ' we the people' who paid for the dam thing. Nothing whatsoever exceptional, other than exceptionally bad from the start. Interesting that you used the word "lying" in your initial blog with crosshairs on Trumps chest, but when it comes to Mr. Obama you seem to have gone dark for Obama who is indeed an exceptional liar, polished, debonair and charming when and while he lies, and with just a minority yet trying to be his apologist on the honesty issue, it looks clear to me that Obama was a much bigger, broad thinking liar than Trump. On the airport tarmac he deceptively said to the entire watching world, " it was some shadowy character who made a disgusting video" and this is what caused Bengazhi? So we go an entire blog on tweets and Trump lies, and never a breath on this?

It was all Snake oil, but thats what he sold to America along with Susan Rice and Jay Carney doing his heinous lying for him daily. Lies upon lies, both he and all his surrogates, so.. Compared to Trump sophmore tweets? Ill go tweets anyday than being lied to on such real earth shaking issues.

We'll see what goes on with Trump, but he has gotten more done in 50 days than Obama did in his first 50 days, saving rather than spending and while things are tied up in bureaucracy which is held up in suspense by liberal overreaching judges at the 9th circuit, and the equally stubborn and resistant Democrat party. Then there was Obamas huge stimulus heist of $1 trillion in his first 50 days created hardly a private-sector job for what was eventually a joke at our expense.

Actually you've been consistently ever so easy on Obama like Reggie Love, with never a critical word, never a negative thought, never a need for correcting anything he's done or said, so it's no wonder, there is reluctance to even reflect his pathological brazen dishonesty. Its not even on the liberals radar, Oh, he also promised to close Guantanmo, never happened... he promised to cut the deficit in half by his first term, or should be a one term guy, well, another lie.


Trump will be Trump, but Hillary lost...because of Obama policies pure and simple. That is what America voted out of office. So, so far no "Trump lie" has cost $540 million like Solydra did so Ive got a wait and see approach as to how it shakes out, but I am as thankful as hell the destructive, and dishonest Obama is gone at last, but thats just me, perhaps get another take from Terry or Curt. Im sure they have convictions on it too, but theyve not been back here, and pretty well know where the liar has been, and Terry being a vet knows full well of lies over that Veterans scandal claims ing to have fired many over it, later shown to be...only one. A real bargain.


Obama knew from the beginning vets were dying, he did little to nothing about it, but when asked, he lied, saying he learned of it first from TV news reports even though he received an official Bush memo warning him going in, of the dire needs of the veterans administration and that needy veterans would suffer and die if immediate action was not taken. Obama basically golfed.

Trump is a work in progress, for sure, juvenile, bombastic and offensive, but he has already put America first more than O ever planned on doing. O was ever dreaming for the globalist utopia and his thin legacy at American expense, but America said no!


Knew i forgot one biggie

From a conservative blogger I think but the numbers are there.


Always a twist...but at this point in the Comey/Rogers hearings one thing very early on which appears to me to be true...Trump lied about Obama, and unless more info comes out, though Obama has tapped other lines before, he did not do so to Teump. If proven Trump again has prevaricated... and again...but then dishonesty resides in the White House no matter who occupies it. We the people should always tread carefully. Lets watch it unfold.
At the end if true, Obama is owed an opology by the novice Trump.

Roger German

...I appreciate you taking the time to respond to the post, and I can see we have vastly different perspectives on our men in office, and that's fair. I've written before that I didn't agree with all that the Obama administration did, and that in some cases it did't press the issues I desire with enough force. But that's a large distinction between our perceptions of the Obama presidency. When Obama said his bowling score was "at the Special Olympics level" on the Leno Show, he apologized. He called Maria Shriver to apologize, he publicly apologized, he had the capacity to understand when he has said something reprehensible and to take responsibility for that remark. Your man cannot seem to comprehend that a cutting or demeaning remark, made intentionally, or off-handed, or simply carelessly, needs to be recognized for what it is and addressed. He simply denies he said it, or denies it ever happened, or denies he meant what he said, or lets his handlers and surrogates spin and twist, rather than apologizing.
As far as spying on foreign leaders, I make the assumption that all our presidents spy on foreign leaders, or we wouldn't have 17 different spy agencies. I assume the present resident of the Oval Office will continue the same. I wish it were not so, but it is.
You covered a lot of ground in your response, more than I can respond to here, but it's easy to see that we read different publications and listen to different talking heads. This administration is not "saving rather than spending;" its budget simply shifts $54 billion from discretionary spending into the military budget. Again, you may find that acceptable, I find it unconscionable. We have different perspectives on how we want our tax dollars spent. If I had the option to do it, I would prefer the route Thoreau took, but I'm not in the position of paying taxes now, but living off our investment in Social Security. It's a good life, with a good, loving wife and food on the table, and gives me some time to think on the very things we discuss.
I do appreciate that you acknowledge that Obama is owed an apology, but I find it unlikely that one will be forthcoming. As you wrote, we shall see.
I find it odd you would use the adjective "novice" for a 70-year-old man. He's new to the White House, that's true. But at 70, he should not be new to common courtesy and manners.


OK this is your response I take it. Not one word about Obama's lies, even though the entire blog is about politics and political liars, I can understand why you didn't address it. The closest you can get it is to say he didn't press issues strongly enough, or that some things you disagreed with? That's it? Just disagree? Wow. Trump needs a guillotine but occasionally you tend to disagree with Obama. What a concept. What would he had to of done, rape and murder someone? I don't know what would've warranted a critical blog if these and other very hideous and childish statements didn't but that's your Political perspective shining through. Where in a free country right?

Obama apologized not because he's a wonderful human being, if he was he would never have said in the first place on national TV no less, what decent human being would even joke about bowling like someone with down syndrome, knowing that tens of millions are watching? He apologized because he had to, much more than he wanted to, and there's numerous things he should apologized for that he refused to. Further, it doesn't even approach the fact that an objective writer would've written in the very least one single blog of even 25 words on such a despicable and heinous comment apology or not.

The last time I referred to Barack Obama as "your man" you took issue with it, and I will here as well now that you use it on me. As far as owing Obama an apology recent news now indicates it may be pretty premature after all, and the new Presidnt at this point has been partially vindicated in his assertion. Its likely that surrogates of Obama with his knowledge,spied on Trump, then disseminated everywhere what they trolled legally. Right now, things point to the White House and someone is likely to face some jail time for leaking incidental classified info, a pretty heavy felony.

OK that's enuff.. I've enjoyed your blogs, but way way way too far left for my taste. I'll probably join Curt & Terry on the sidelines, quiet but occasional readers. Peace to you and yours.

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