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On this journey of life, Roger German has served
as a son, poet, carpenter, Air national Guard avionics technician,
volunteer fireman, musician, fry cook, contractor, husband, father,
journalist, photographer, editor, care salesman, grocery stock boy,
multi-level marketing rep, maintenance technician, mediator,
adjunct professor, author, Peace Corps volunteer, grandfather..
and always, student of life and living.

His books include:

The Promise of Peace
copyright 2012
available on and

Poems Scattered, Collected for my Mother
copyright 2012
available on and Amazon

Remodeling a Basement
Taunton Press 2004
Revised Edition 2010

Porches and Sunrooms: Planning and Remodeling Ideas
Creative Homeowner 2005


Why we war, and more importantly, how we might not. It is such a waste of lives, time and resources. And history shows it is not a necessary part of human life, but rather a contrived and manipulated expediency for those with much to gain and little to lose. There is so much more of living and life we can achieve when finally we decide to war no more.