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The "Other" is not your enemy. It's those who refuse to abide by our LAWS that you need to be concerned about. We now put those folks back on the street (thank you Mr. Progressive Ernie Chambers) because they are "misunderstood". No, Ernie, they are thugs. They need to be off the street. Those folks are not Others, they are thugs. THOSE are whom we must protect ourselves from. Our system has broken down. Victims have become helpless and criminals need help HELP and protection. Whatever...

Curt; I agree that the criminal justice system is badly flawed and in need of overhaul...Rg


Steve and Josh... "The Others"

Patriotic Americans who arm themselves do so because they are fearful. They live in fear, they deny their fear, but they wallow in and consume their own fear. To cope with this fear, they arm themselves,buy guns, becoming even dangerous to our very society. However, as for their counterparts, "The Others", they are not dangerous, though they also have weapons and will use them, it is the bulk of Americans which are deranged in fear. The Petit family lived in no such fear. They trusted in the goodness of man. They trusted their police force who responded, setting up a large perimeter at the appropriate time of response. They had no house guns, because they determined to renounce this insidious fear that grips the American gun owner. Unfortunately the fearless family suffered great losses though the police force responded at their best.

When they had hauled in Steve Hays, and Josh Komisarjevsky, they smelled badly of gasoline. They had invaded a home, much like my home, Terry's home, Curts home, like Rogers home. Before it was over, these two men, "The Others" had sodomized, raped, strangled, tortured, beaten, and burned to death the entire family save one.

But we'll not talk about these two "Others", because we never have, and we never will. Because the culprits who who are truly "armed and dangerous" are casual citizens who through some innate fear, purchase guns, go to shooting ranges, get conceal carry permits. These are the timid, weak people who constantly see "Others" with suspicion.

Ill spare the details of the Petit family encounter with "The Others." I've always maintained that if I saw the world through the glasses of friend German, and had Steve Hayes and Josh Komisarjevsky entered my home, done to my son, or daughter and wife what these men did, and I lived to tell of it, and I believed that owning a home protection weapon was a mark of fear, I could never live with myself again.

When Josh and Steve come calling, and you come back with a walking stick championing some superior intellectual perspective, keep in mind it's outcome of you standing at your family's grave-site.

Cant happen? Ask the Bill Petit.

Arm yourselves, prepare yourself, educate yourself, buy a home gun or two. We did, and I feel no fear about it.
You who oppose owning such weapons, you are the prey for the "Others."

Good to see that you and Curt are still reading these posts...seems just the three of us discussing these ideas. Don't know why I can't access the comment section on the blog...the Typepad folks said they were having some trouble with attacks trying to crash the site and that created some slowing of responses and access. Hope it is cleared up soon.
What happened to the Petit family was horrific, but it has nothing to do with what Georgia has changed in its gun laws. Not sure why you thought it was relevant...Georgia already is very gun friendly. The Petit family could have been well armed according to GeorgiaPacking.org, which says that you could have not only handguns, shotguns and rifles, but could fill out your arsenal with machine guns, sawed-off shotguns, grenades, recoilless rifles, rocket launchers, bazookas or mortars. Legally. The changes in the law mean, among other things, that you can concealed carry in bars, school zones, kids sporting events, churches (with permission), and government buildings that don't screen for guns. It repealed the state-required license for firearms dealers.
My point in the blog was that those changes do not help move society as a whole in a more peaceful direction. I don't pretend to champion a superior intellectual perspective. I do believe strongly that the way we can change the future for our children is to model behavior that encourages cooperation with a view towards finding a way to decrease the perceived need for more and more arms. Rg

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