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The DNC, Clinton and Obama, implode in corruption and crime, ...he goes to the only safe place...gun banning. Wow. Lib ideology 101
Near comical at this point


There’s been 1000 deaths via shootings in the us since Las Vegas.
That was before this
Shooting at church in Texas
In my area, in Thornton Colorado, 3 totally innocent lives lost at a Walmart. And all the good guy guns were there. In the store. Did no good.
Make it stop.


Actually the good guy guns shot this pos thru his body armour. Did a lot of good

Roger German

Randy, not sure exactly what you meant in your first post, but if you read what I wrote, I was not promoting gun banning. I was promoting a conversation about a way to bring down the number of gun deaths in the US, the most of any country in the world by far, both numerically and statistically. In general, we are smart people. We can do better. Do you really have a problem with that?


Looking at it from wrong perspective imo. We need your kind of evangelical enthusiasm for mental health reform rather than cloked approaches in blaming the object rather than the insane people who use them.

This is the historic lib approach, even after 19 million laws on the books... we need more. Imo, that is the definition of absurdity!🐥


Just a PS: There are 22 times in your article you mentioned guns, gunfire, weapons, etc. Not even one solitary word, not one about mental health diseases which infest these people, causing them to murder others with any number of weapons. Instead you simply attack guns. That's why it's wrong headed. Mental diseases are the core of this societal problem Rog, and it would be slightly balanced if you would address that. You never have to my knowledge, why not? Do you have a problem with that?😇

Roger German

I mentioned guns in the blog instead of other weapons because guns have one use, and that's to kill. That's what they're designed for and they are very effective. Mental health issues are a very serious but separate problem, which is why I didn't address it in the blog. If any of the recent mass murders had occurred with the perpetrator having say, a butcher knife, or sword or block of stone, my perspective is there would have been fewer deaths. That's the point. It's easy to pass the problem off as a mental health issue...and I would agree that anyone who kills has a mental health issue. But that is another blog. If there were laws with teeth that prevented those with mental problems from obtaining guns, it would certainly help, and would have prevented the most recent mass shooting in the Texas church. It would not have prevented the shooting in Los Vegas. It does seem that person had to be deranged, but it seems no one near him knew it. What then? Having possession of some 42 weapons, several of them with bump-stock automatic feature, was not a crime. Was not even a reason for concern. At least not until he killed 59 people and injured more than 500. And still, you don't seem to have a problem with that.




Try talking politics with buddy T from now on. Audience growing thin buddy

Roger German

Randy, I need help in understanding what you are trying to say; instead of addressing the problem, in your first response you attacked my "lib ideology 101"... and as I wrote, I'm not talking about banning guns, which is what you seem to think I was saying. I was talking about some common sense approach to what laws we have and enforcing them. Which might have prevented what happened in Texas. And the sleight-of-hand machinations where a bump stock can make a semi-automatic weapon similar to a fully automatic...which is what happened in Texas. No, the blog was not about "The DNC, Clinton and Obama, implode in corruption and crime". I'm as frustrated and fed up with politics on both sides as you are, as most of the American politic is. I don't have any answers to that, but I'm open to discussing it. Maybe a third party... I don't know. But business as usual hasn't been working.

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